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    CNC 4 Glass Cutting Machine
    CNC Speherical shaped secondary 5-axis glass cutting machine:
    1.Maximum cutting range(square corner)500mm..
    2.Maximum procss:350mm/140mm/90Degree/20mm.
    3.Maximum processing speed:8000mm/min.
    4.Glass spherical cut ROC range:100R to R100000.
    5.Cutting accuracy :+_0.005MM.

    1.Any shape can cutting , no proportional limit.
    2.Directly to the graphics cutting production by, eliminating time tuning mode.
    3.Fast and efficient to win business opportunities, reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of a good helper.
    4.Quick change Processing procedures and mould。
    5.Can be symmetrical mirror movements (left right rear-view mirror).
    6.Can draw their own graphics or read DXF CAD drawing directly cutting
    7.Graphics can be done in one direction or both parties to the zooming action, trimming fast

     maximum cutting rang(square corner)
    Maximum processing speed
    X/Z/A/C Maximum process
    350mm/120mm/80° unlimit
    Glass spherical cut R range   
    Cutting accuracy (depending on the glasss sphertcal R)

    8.CNC axis servo control system with ,dynamic fast smooth cutting path cutting stroke can be adjusted
    9.Cutter wheel automatically corrected truly spherical normals cut evenly cut flat tangent accurate contacts.
    10.A machine with a big R, little R, hyperbolic glass cutting can be done.

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